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Identify. Monitor. Manage.

Most organisations know they are vulnerable to different kinds of risk. But it’s no simple task to evaluate how serious those threats mights be, or to maintain a coherent plan of how and who should take responsibility for monitoring those risks on a day to day basis.

The collaborative way to achieve long term risk resilience

Risk Manager is a flexible way to manage the risk management process throughout your organisation, ensuring decision makers have the necessary information at their fingertips to confidently manage their risk portfolio. In other words, use Risk Manager to keep your teams prepared, your strategies up-to-date and your organisation resilient.

  • Identify risk
    Identify and manage your operational risk
  • Process development
    Construct a continuous, compliance monitoring process
  • Executive governance
    Improve senior executive governance of your risk portfolio
  • External requirements
    Ensure compliance with external regulatory requirements
  • Risk responsibility
    Create a detailed, granular level approach to risk owner responsibility
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